I am a Qualified Equinology Equine Bodyworker with a passion for helping people reach their goals. This is done by working as part of your team to keep your horses on the road. In turn maximise your performance goals.

About RC Equine Bodywork: Prevention is better than a cure

Being a competitive Dressage Rider who has ridden up to Advanced and competed up to Medium Level.  I am well positioned to understand the expectations and demands on the competition horse.

After having a horse who was constantly plagued with injury I was inspired to qualify as an Equine Bodyworker so I could better understand how to prevent injury rather than constantly be rehabilitating my very accident prone horse. Incorporating Equine Bodywork into the maintenance routine really does help to prevent injury. All those small niggles can be worked out before they have even begun to cause a dip in performance and keep the vets at bay.

Equine Bodywork

Equine Bodyworker Saying: If we expect them to be an athlete then we should treat them like one

I am a  born animal lover and just love that I am in a position to help these beautiful athletes perform to their best.  Being a firm believer that if we expect them to perform as athletes, then we should treat them like they are one. After all you may be a bit sore and want a massage if you’ve had a tough workout.

I work with all varieties of combinations in any discipline, from competition horses to leisure or retired horses. I can help you reach your goals and keep your four-legged partners happy and healthy.

To quote John C. Maxwell “Teamwork makes the dream work”. By  working together with your wider healthcare team. Which may include your  farrier, trainer, vet, master saddler and chiropractor. I can help you to seek symmetry and suppleness for your horse.