Seeking symmetry and suppleness

Equine Bodywork Initial consultation

Posture, conformation and movement analysis.

Discussion of goals and what you are looking to improve through massage.

Aim to see these aspects as well as lifestyle and workload to identify where problems may occur further down the line. Also to try and address minor issues early on before they can impact on training or competition

Equine Bodywork

Full Equine Bodywork Session

Combining sports massage, myofascial release, stretching, range of motion, trigger and pressure point techniques to address the whole body.  To increase circulation and range of motion and helping to relax soft tissues, Which can  therefore reduce discomfort and improve movement and performance.

Signs that your horse may benefit from bodywork

  • Dip in performance or change in behaviour
  • Reluctance to go forwards
  • Tense erratic behaviour or unusually spooky
  • Still sore after tack refitted
  • Tetchiness being brushed or tacked up
  • Girthiness
  • Hanging on one or both reins during riding
  • Reluctance to move over the back/tight top-line when exercised
  • Loss of stride length during schooling
  • Knocking poles uncharacteristically
  • Disunited canter or trouble getting correct strike off
  • Bucking into canter or falling out of it when being ridden
  • Obvious stiffness

Prior to first seeing your horse, I will ask you to discuss with your vet whether they approve of your horse having an Equine Bodywork treatment. I am happy to speak to them myself if they would like to know more about it.


Initial Consultation & Equine Bodywork session (up to 2 Hours) £40.00
Follow Up Equine Bodywork Session  (up to 90 minutes)  £35.00

Additional travel costs may apply depending on distance, full info on enquiry.